Sometimes an Ordinary Day Changes Your Life

English literature was an elective I was thrilled to take. Reading Beowulf? Not. So. Much.

Yet taking that class was where I’d meet Jon. Tall, skinny, and notoriously prepared to debate; Jon wasn’t even someone I noticed until one day when we both had read the same Cliff notes to prepare for the class discussion. From there, we became two friends who were mutually hanging out and dating other people, and then one day went, huh, maybe we’d be a good fit. Taking that ordinary Wednesday class changed our lives.

Popping the Question

I proposed on May 1, 2010 in sunny Bay Shore Park. My grand plan was to propose at sunset in Door County, but Liz in typical fashion, didn’t pack the right type of shoes for a lot of walking. Liz was totally surprised, responding with “Shut-up!” initially, but then followed it with a quick yes. I planned a big party that evening at her parent’s house with her whole family to celebrate.

Our Wedding

We were married on May 28, 2011 at Heritage Hill in Green Bay. The day was perfect, surrounded by family and friends and great food. It was so perfect, Liz cried on the way home because everything went according to schedule (she’s a little OCD like that).