Adoption isn’t new to Our Family

Jon has a sister who was adopted from Eastern Europe at five years’ old. Liz has family and friends who’ve expanded their families through adoption. Because we both had exposure to it, it’s not different to us or our loved ones.

Openness is up to You

Every person is different, every situation is different, and every decision is unique and personal. We are open to whatever level of involvement works for you as their birth parent, and we can talk about what that looks like.


Not Everyone is a Perfect Fit, and that’s OK

Adoption is a lifelong commitment and a big decision. Every family and situation is different. We welcome any conversations with potential birth families and if we aren’t a fit for you, that’s OK. We would just love the opportunity to sit down over coffee and get to know you better.

Our Adoption Agency

Have questions? We’ve partnered with Catholic Charities of Green Bay. They have wonderful resources available to birth mothers at no cost, and are able to answer any additional questions you may have about the adoption process.